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Working From Home? How to stay productive!

Working From Home? How to stay productive!

Times have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many to start working from home. So how can you stay healthy while you work from home? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Remodel your commute

Just because you’re not travelling into work doesn’t mean your workday can start earlier. In Vancouver, British Columbia, the average person commutes up to 2hrs each way! So what can you do? Sometimes looking at the news and keeping up to date can help.. but research shows flooding your mind with high-intensity information can cause undue stress and anxiety for the rest of the day. So try something new, learn something, take a moment for self-reflection. Spend time with the family, something can be sorely lacking in this day and age.

“Use your commute time in the morning for self-renewal or family time, not work”

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Keep socially connected

Social interaction can still happen from home, you just have to be more proactive. Set up regular check-ins with your team or manager that allows you to not only provide progress updates, but also sort through any problems or brainstorm ideas. Use FaceTime, Zoom and other video tools during meetings or just to chat with coworkers to help avoid loneliness.

At Social Honey Bees for video conferencing we use Microsoft Teams (which you can get for free) which incorporates Messaging Chat and Video. If your company uses this, now is the time to make the best of them. Setup some check-in meetings, even if its to share a coffee for 15min.

If you are a solo-entrepreneur, now is a great time to share in a digital meeting with some of your clients. Catch up and have a coffee online. You never know this may result in better relationships with them!

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Take a break while working from home

One of the most important things we need to do is take breaks. Too often because we are in a more relaxed setting maybe on the couch with a laptop or too focused on one thing for too long, we lose track of time. It also has detrimental effects on our bodies. This article from BBC News posted an excellent read on Micro-breaks. Tiny breaks throughout the day can work wonders to sustain your productivity.

At the end of the day folks, many business owners, freelancers and employees do work remotely. Its the change in pace and balance of daily routine that can make it a successful opportunity to have joy in your life despite the changing circumstances.

If you are a business owner and need support in running any digital marketing tactics or social media routines, reach out to our Social Honey Bees! We are always available buzzing online.

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