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Instagram Account Types

Instagram Account Types: Which Is Right for You?

Instagram Account Types: Which Is Right for You?

Do you know which type of Instagram account is best for your goals?

Whether you have a business, personal, or create account, this article can help you decide which type will work best for your goals. I’ll show you the differences between business, personal, and creator accounts. Sharing all the tips for what features to look for in each type so that you can make a more informed decision. Which will compliment your social media strategy best for your business. You’ll also learn how to switch between the three types of Instagram accounts. Matching the type of advertising your company is trying to promote.

With this three step guide, you can learn how to choose between a business and personal account to manage an effective social media marketing strategy.

Step 1: Pros and Cons of Using an Instagram Personal Account for Business

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There are three types of Instagram accounts, each for a different purpose. Instagram has divided these three types of accounts into two categories: personal and professional. Let’s start with personal accounts, which are gearing toward individual use. They have limited analytics access, no scheduling capabilities and lack API access. Meaning you can’t use Facebook Creator Studio or third-party services to manage your Instagram account. There are some clear drawbacks to having a personal account. The main one is that you can’t use your contact buttons on your profile and can’t offer gifts, stickers, or the swipe-up function in Stories.

However, there are some benefits of having a personal account that aren’t found on other accounts. One of these is access to the music player in Reels and Stories. Another is anonymity. Only personal accounts can be private.

Step 2: Choose Between an Instagram Business Account and Creator Account

Under the title professional accounts – Instagram’s business and creator accounts each have various features in common. They include access to Instagram Insights, contact buttons, and gift card delivery stickers. As well as the ability to collaborate with other branded accounts on content and ads.

There are a few important differences when comparing business accounts and personal accounts. Business accounts have access to the organization’s Instagram API which they can use to schedule posts, access the Creator Studio desktop application, and use third-party analytics tools. Personal accounts have limited access to the Instagram API, have limited access to the Creator Studio desktop app. Including no third-party analytics tools.

Business and creator accounts have another significant difference that can be found in the music library. Business accounts do not have access to all the music. They only have the royalty-free music, which means it has been vetted. This restricts the content of the business page to a more highbrow and intellectual target audience.

In contrast to Instagram influencers, creator accounts are intended for individuals with a genuine interest in a specific field. The apps allow the users to post content and interact with the community much like a blog. By including all of the music and business features, these users have a more complete experience than influencers.

In short, if you need scheduling and don’t mind being blocked by Facebook, use an Instagram business account. If you want to be on all of the platforms but need access to Reels in Facebook Creator Studio, go with a creator account.

Step 3: Change Your Instagram Account Type

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To find out what kind of account you have at Instagram, go to your profile page and tap the three-line button on the upper right. Next, go to Settings and look for the Account option. After that, search for the option to switch from “Personal” to another account type.

Get started by tapping the Switch Account Type button at the top right of your screen. Next, choose one of the two accounts you don’t currently have. If you’re with a business, for example, you can choose between a personal or a professional account.

From time to time, Instagram will display a message telling you that you are using an unprofessional account. If you see this option, it means your account is personal. If you tap on Switch to Professional Account, you’ll be given the choice of business or creator.

Before switching from a personal to a business account, I want to address a few myths. You can switch back and forth between account types without much consequence, but Instagram may temporarily hide insights. This happens if the user is switching from a personal account to a business account repeatedly. If you are trying out a new feature more than once or twice a day, that’s okay. Although If you repeatedly switch between Instagram accounts, that will be viewed as spammy behavior. It may result in your account being removed. In order to stay active on Instagram with multiple accounts, you should only use them occasionally.

In review

When you’re using Instagram for marketing your business, you need to consider which type of the three account types is best for your online presence needs. In particular, think about the kinds of features that will help you manage your business more effectively. Consider key features such as analytics, scheduling, music, and Creator Studio.

  • Business accounts provide access to analytics and scheduling tools, music tools, and Instagram’s Creator Studio.
  • Personal accounts provide access to analytics and scheduling tools.
  • Creator accounts provide access to analytics, scheduling, and music tools.

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