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Create Engaging Content For Your Company

You don’t have to be a writer to create engaging content for your company.

You don’t have to be a writer to create engaging content for your company.

One of the biggest challenges is to create engaging content for your company, that keeps their audience coming back for more. But you don’t have to be a skilled writer to create great content that engages your audience, you just need to know where to start and how to get there!

We are going to discuss 4 things that will help you create great, engaging content.
1. Write for your audience, not yourself.
2. Start with a goal in mind.
3. Identify your target audience and create content with them in mind.
4. Don’t give up!

Let’s dive in!

1. Write for your audience, not yourself.

Writing for your audience means that you’re writing for the people you want to reach. It’s about writing for them, not for yourself. If you’re writing about something that you don’t know a lot about, you can always do research or reach out to experts who can write guest posts for your blog.

Writing is about solving a problem for my audience. So if you write honestly about what you’ve learned your my journey as a writer, and if it helps someone else, then you’ve achieved your goal of bringing value to your audience.

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create engaging content for your company

2. Start with the goal in mind.

Frederick Cook & Charles Schwab from Harvard Business Review relate this powerful concept to copywriting:
“Engagement = balance between information and emotions. When you incorporate emotion in your copy, you lead the reader to a depth of the matter.”

What does this accomplish? It gives them the chance to empathize with where you are coming from and why you are there. Keeping people happy is not enough. You need to listen to them and adjust your actions in the best way possible for your listeners. You want to keep your audience engaged because it drives more business and more revenue. The reason why most businesses move into marketing to gather information is to learn more about the customers. But marketing is not just about gathering information. It’s about creating emotional copy that will provide critical information to potential stakeholders.

3. Identify your target audience and create content with them in mind.

To build your audience, it helps to first identify your target audience.

Ask yourself:

  • What do they want to know?
  • What are their interests?
  • What makes them tick?

Once you know who your target audience is, you can then create content tailored specifically to them. There are many ways you can use an audience census, but most content creators begin by taking a few seconds to complete an online survey. It is very revealing and can give valuable insights into your audience, as well as give you ideas on how to better communicate with them.

You can use an online audience survey. You can send someone a customer survey through your website. Ask your audience to take a survey on virtually what they like or don’t like about your content. Use these surveys as a way to learn from your audience to better create better content!

Another survey is on Social Media. Why not ask your followers what they want to read? Ask them to give you ideas, then you will know exactly what your listeners want to read about.

don't give up, motivation, writing

4. Don’t give up!

When it comes to writing, you should aim to be consistent and persistent. Don’t stop writing, even if you get discouraged or you don’t think what you’re writing is that great. The worst thing you can do is give up. Constant writing helps you improve your craft, it also helps you come up with better ideas.

Whether you’re going through a rough patch or you’re a bit lost as to what to write about, you’ll find it harder and harder to be discouraged as you write and improve. Make sure you repeat the process over and over again until it becomes easier for you to write. It always takes time to become fluent in any language. And unless you’re Ronaldo or Messi, it’ll take a long, long time before what you’re writing can be considered great.

Want more help on how to create engaging content for your company? Contact us and set up a meeting.

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